Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings

Yolandi and Willie contacted us to assist with bulkhead design and installation at the residence in Centurion.

They already had a thoughtful and modern kitchen layout with blue back lighting with a modern yet functional and aesthetically pleasing feel.

They desired to accentuate  their kitchen/dinning room nook which is mainly used for socializing with friends.

The main goal was to create a modern yet fun area which was conducive of fun filled social times. Of course Yolandi wanted a pink back light. Willie of course disagreed but bowed out to allow Yolandi to create her vision. Must say that you even surprised me on this one Yolandi. Well done!!!

I truly can’t envisage this bulkhead to have any other back light color, especially in the global feel of their house. What a prefect final product…

The final design was a rectangular bulkhead with a light trough.

It looks amazing and compliments the surrounding areas amazingly.

The choice of pink back lighting for this specific bulkhead is perfect.

To Willie and Yolandi-you guys are such awesome people.

The structure was created from galvanized main tees and cross tees as per supplier recommendation. Corner sections done with galvanized angle and all secured with wafer tech screws.

It needs to be noted that accuracy when constructing the structure is of utmost importance. If the structure is poorly constructed the end product will be of poor visual quality.After the bulkhead ceilings’ structure was completed 9.5mm Gypsum board cladding was used and corners trimmed with corner beads. Care needs to be taken that this done properly as a corner bead fitted a slight bit out of position will have a disastrous effect on the final aesthetic look.

After all of the above was completed two coats of Rhinolite was applied and skimmed to a smooth flawless finish.

Below a link with some more information:

Bulkhead installation




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