Infinity Walls

Infinity Walls

Infinity Walls

Infinity Walls

Infinity Walls

Riaan from Ubuntu Technologies contacted us to assist with demolition of existing walls and installation of infinity walls at Transnet in Pretoria as part of their five site pilot project.

Riaan requested that the doors and windows should be removed from brick walls and that they be bricked up.  Windows facing outwards had to with acoustic material to prevent external noise from entering through the walls.

As such we had to carefully plan the new infinity walls keeping windows, drywalling ext in mind as well as the custom made fixtures and fittings..

During the installation of the infinity walls extreme care had to be taken to adhere to safety rules and not disturb employees and management.

The final installation allowed for the infinity walls to meet the customers’ expectations and create a much more comfortable environment conference environment with the focus on reducing Transnets’ carbon foot print .

It looks amazing and compliments the surrounding areas perfectly with a clearly defined executive look.

The structure was created from galvanized studs and floor tracks as per supplier recommendation. Our unique corners was used to create the illusion of one continuous wall and the infinity walls was painted a special shade of grey.

It needs to be noted that accuracy when constructing the structure is of utmost importance. If the structure is poorly constructed the end product will be of poor visual and acoustic quality..

After all of the above was completed the site was cleaned and ready for the next contractor to do their installation.

A special word of thanks to Riaan  and the awesome staff at Transnet and Ubuntu for making themselves permanently available to co-ordinate this project of infinity walls. Always great to be in the company of great people.

Well done to the team!!!

Below a link with some more information:

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