Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Fasie contacted us to assist with  suspended ceilings design and installation at Comair in Rhodesfield as part of their new training facility using a Boeing 737.

Fasie requested that the ceilings should be installed below between curved I-beam and below the lip channel.

Due to the curve angle the I-beams kept on snapping and their contractor had to cut the I-beams in half, bend them and then weld them together. This left unsightly welding marks and we were then requested to provide another solution for the suspended ceilings installation, which we eagerly did by applying years of experience and knowledge gained.

We used sections of structurally strong galvanized studs to extend the point of fixture of the grid past the beams and installed thermal suspended ceilings boards supplied and cut to our specification by Isover SA.

With the delay in the I-beam curving and the related special production of material and added time needed to do this special installation, we were under pressure to meet deadlines but stepped up to the challenge.

The final design allowed for the ceilings to cover the unsightly I-beams as well as to allow for the curved form, as can be seen on the photos. Bulkheads also had to be installed on the sides, front and rear where the suspended ceilings met with walls and glazing sections.

The final product looks amazing and met and exceeded the initial desired outcome of Comair.

The choice of shop front glass, fixtures and fitting and the suspended ceilings allows for a relaxed and conducive environment for staff and trainers alike to conduct training in…

The structure of the suspended ceilings was created from white main tees and cross tees as per supplier recommendation. The grid was suspended using structurally stong galvanized studs and fixed to the purlins and I-beams.

It needs to be noted that accuracy when constructing the structure is of utmost importance. If the suspended ceilings is poorly constructed the end product will be of poor visual quality and a risk to the Health and Safety of employees.

After all of the above was completed the site was cleaned and ready for the next contractor to do their installation.

A special word of thanks to Fasie and the rest of the team managing this project from Comair’s side. Always great to be in the company of great people.

Well done to the team!!!

Below a link with some more information on suspended ceilings:

Suspended Ceilings Installation




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