False Ceilings

Mr Brown contacted us to assist with false ceilings  at their residence in Midrand. He wanted quality and a reliable installer and we were too happy to be of service.

Mr Brown wanted kitchen to be fitted with false ceilings and a bulkhead , to ensure it looked aesthetically appealing and has a functional yet highly professional look. We worked hand in hand with his interior builders and electrician to ensure the outcome he expected was met.

A combination of false ceilings, bulkhead, paint/ lighting and furniture was used to reach the desired effect.

The main goal was to create a modern kitchen without sacrificing the atmosphere of their home. He also wanted the false ceilings and bulkhead to compliment the new kitchen cupboards, tops and fixtures.

As such the call was made to do a combination of false ceilings and a bulkhead which was neither over or understated.

Special attention was taken to ensure the false ceilings wasn’t too low as there was already limit floor to ceiling height and the worst experience would be to feel cramped in a space you wanted to be creative in…

The structure of the  false ceilings was created from galvanized main tees and cross tees as per supplier specification. All secured with wafer tech screws. We finished the ceiling with a shadow line to the wall with no cornice fitted.

Accuracy when constructing the structure is of utmost importance to ensure an perfectly level ceiling. If the structure is poorly constructed the end product will be of poor visual quality.The Skimmed ceilings’ structure was completed 9.5mm Gypsum board cladding.

Two coats of Rhinolite was applied and skimmed to a smooth flawless finish to ensure that the desired look was achieved.

Thank you Mr Brown for granting us the opportunity to be a part of your vision to create a more homely home.

Blessings to you and your family.

And well done to the team on another great accomplishment!!!

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