Drop Ceiling Installation

Drop Ceiling Installation

Drop Ceiling Installation

Drop Ceiling Installation

Drop Ceiling Installation

Jan contacted us to assist with drop ceiling installation and removal at Endemol in Randburg to allow for better acoustic properties in their recording studios.

Jan requested that the installation should have acoustic tiles and with a concealed grid.  All drywalling also had to have acoustic insulation.

Double glazed windows and aluminium window frames also needed to be installed to reduce sound passing through from one studio to another.

As such we had to carefully plan the new ceiling keeping windows, drywalling ext in mind.

We started of with demolishing of existing drop ceiling installation and drywalling.

During the installation extreme care had to be taken to meet the clients’ technical specifications.

The final iproduct allowed for the drop ceiling to meet the customers’ expectations and create an acoustically safe recording environment .

It looks amazing and not only compliments the surrounding areas perfectly but ensures low acoustic interference within and between different recording studios

The structure of the drop ceiling installation was created from white main tees and cross tees as per supplier recommendation. White pre-painted acoustic ceiling tiles 1200mm x 600mm was used.

It needs to be noted that accuracy when constructing the structure is of utmost importance. If the structure is poorly constructed the end product will be of poor visual quality…

All drywalling was painted and final inspections was done to ensure a quality product was delivered to the client.

After all of the above was completed the site was cleaned and ready for the next contractor to do their installation.

A special word of thanks to Jan for being there with us every step of the way on this complex project and for entrusting us with his drop ceiling installation project.

Well done to the team!!!

Below a link with some more information:

Drop Ceiling Installation Process




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